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Verifier Audible Circuit Tester

Uses Sound to Detect
Once connected to the circuit, VERIFIER passes an audible tone along the cable and through the connected circuit devices. This tone is heard through the supplied inductive amplifier probe when passed near the cable or individual device.

Constant and Distorted Tones
VERIFIER makes it easy to ‘hear’ a fault. A healthy device will produce a clear and constant tone whereas a troublesome device will be identified with a distorted, varying tone. Clear changes in tone will quickly tell you what’s working and what's not.

Walk-Test an Installation Quickly
With VERIFIER it makes it easy for an alarm installer to walk-test an installation and ‘listen’ for any faults. There’s no need to test individual devices before a fault is found.

Trace Hidden Cables & Pinpoint Cable Faults
Listen to the tone to find and follow hidden cables behind plasterboard, carpet, floorboards and above ceilings. Any cable resistance fault, short or break will be heard by a change in tone. EMI and RFI will also be identified by a sound change.

Identify Devices connected to Unmarked Cables
The tone can be heard anywhere along the cable AND from the alarm devices. Operating each device in turn will cause the tone to change. Perfect for testing and identification purposes.

Identify Good and Faulty Magnetic Contacts
Variable tones will identify the difference between normal and faulty magnetic contacts. A distorted tone will indicate a faulty contact. By moving the magnet slowly away from the contact, this will verify any normal or faulty contact AND also test the magnet strength.

Test Operation & Sensitivity of PIR Motion Detectors
Positioning the probe near the PIR whilst activating it will verify operation, sensitivity and resistance faults. A good PIR when triggered will produce a steady tone whilst a resistance fault will produce a distorted, varying tone.

Verify Sensitivity adjustment of Shock Sensors
Placing the amplifier probe near a shock sensor and repeatedly activating it by tap-testing will verify operation, sensitivity and resistance faults. A good shock sensor will produce a clear, steady tone whilst a resistance fault will produce a distorted, varying tone.

Audibly Test Normally Closed and End of Line Resistance Circuits
The higher the resistance, the higher the tone. When testing any resistance changes will be heard instantly. A high pitch ‘open circuit tone’ enables resistance breaks on the cable or device to be pinpointed easily.


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Verifier enables an alarm installer to quickly walk-test a circuit installation and audibly trace hidden cables, test resistance and locate intermittant faults in a fraction of the normal time. An ideal tool to use during commissioning, maintenance and take-over inspections and troubleshooting first fix installations.




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