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Specialist Tools

Verifier Audible Circuit Tester
Add to Cart Verifier Audible Circuit Tester
Quickly walk-test a circuit installation and audibly trace hidden cables, test resistance and locate intermittant faults in a fraction of the normal time.
452 Telephone Test Kit
Add to Cart 452 Telephone Test Kit
A trusted tool for telecom installations and maintenance - checks for potential faults on a telephone line where an alarm communicator is fitted
1345 Sound Level Meter
Add to Cart 1345 Sound Level Meter
A compact digital sound level that provides fast and accurate sound level measurements.
531 Light Level Meter
Add to Cart 531 Light Level Meter
BS 667 Type F compliant Light Level Meter, both compact and robust, supplied with ACT/430N carry case.
MultiStripper Cabling Tool
Add to Cart MultiStripper Cabling Tool
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A handy, all-in-one tool. Itís a screwdriver, voltage tester, cable stripper and cable cutter - ideal for your toolbox
453 BT Plug Cord
Add to Cart 453 BT Plug Cord
BT Plug Cord for use with ACT/452 Telephone Test Set
454 Crock Clip Cord
Add to Cart 454 Crock Clip Cord
Crock Clip Cord for use with ACT/452 Telephone Test Set
455 Compact Headset
Add to Cart 455 Compact Headset
Quality Headset, enabling hands-free use of the ACT/452 Telephone Test Set